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Quick & Efficient Asbestos Sampling

Experienced lab technicians analysing asbestos samples quickly and efficiently. Get in touch for a quick turnaround on asbestos sampling. 

Asbestos Sampling Investigation

Asbestos Sampling Investigation – For individual building materials that require analysis for the presence of asbestos a simple Asbestos Sampling Investigation should be undertaken. 

A BOHS P402 qualified More Environmental consultant will undertake the sampling safely, secure the remaining material and return the sample or samples to the More Environmental IANZ accredited laboratory for immediate analysis. A report with attached results will be returned to the client on the same working day. 

This service is ideal for clients who have uncovered a potential ACM during or immediately before remediation works and require quick analysis to avoid any delays or associated costs.


More Environmental is a specialist provider in the field of asbestos sampling and testing services, our IANZ accredited laboratory is able to provide fast and cost- effective analysis to suit our clients needs. 

Our laboratory staff are highly skilled and have over 20 years of experience preparing and analysing samples for the presence
of asbestos. 

If you suspect, there are areas or materials in your property the main contain asbestos our IANZ accredited laboratory can provide you with a certificate of analysis to confirm whether or not asbestos was present in the sample. More Environmental are able to offer an immediate turnaround

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