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Asbestos Removal Project Management and Assessing

More Environmental have a highly skilled and motivated team of asbestos assessors who can carry out all the required surveillance during removal projects. This includes IANZ accredited air sampling, fibre counting and clearance inspections for Friable and Non-Friable removal works.

We can establish onsite laboratories, allowing our assessors to provide immediate turnaround of results throughout the project duration.

Asbestos Removal Projects should be coordinated by experienced, knowledgeable and qualified hazardous material consultants. Asbestos removal projects are often time-consuming and technically challenging. In addition, due to the dangerous nature of products being removed there is a high-risk of litigation and wider commercial risk if things go wrong.

PCBUs should consider mitigating this risk by employing specialists to oversee the process rather than generic project management professionals, builders or asbestos removal companies directly.

By assisting you with the Asbestos Removal Management specification and tender process, we ensure both regulatory and client procurement process compliance. Our comprehensive approach to the tender process includes tender administration, management of contractor site visits, technical evaluation of the tender returns, as well as fact-based, independent recommendations for asbestos removal contractor appointments.

We also have a panel of recommended and approved asbestos removal contractors who are regularly audited through our quality management system. This gives our clients the reassurance of removal quality, competitive pricing and mitigates the risk of going to the market with any uncertainty.

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